10 April, 2007

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.” ~John Keats

Nature Beauty

What is worth valuing in the highest esteem more than beauty? Beauty tweaks the senses, awakening the inner most essence of who we are. A grand journey, being drawn to beauty, as a moth to flame, its attraction leads to the essence of all. Being beautiful is inner well being. What stands apart and is revered by some, others may not perceive as beauty. Whatever the reflection mirrored back to us is that which exists in our perceptual space.


Interpretations of beauty vary from person to person-culture to culture. Some tribes in Africa view the wearing of bones in the nose as the highest expression of beauty. Other tribes find neck rings stacked to until the neck is so fragile it could not hold itself up without them. In our current western culture breasts are worshipped as the ultimate expression of physical beauty despite the lack of honour for the divine feminine. Ornamentation of the body, in any case, is the expression we spiritual beings use, while in our physical material existence. So it doesn’t matter how you adorn your physical body-as long as you do with honour.

Beauty is not self importance-nor superficial, it simply is. We attract our own mirror image. If you want beauty in your life, be beauty, cultivate beauty. I am not just talking about the quintessential aesthetics of beauty, although that is part of it. I am speaking about the spiritual refuge in which the roots of beauty nest. What is meaningful is defined by ourselves, that which we hold at our innermost part of our being.

Our inner knowing, unclear on the surface, can be manifested radiating outward as an expression of our desire. From desire by declaring intent, we reach beyond the natural spirit of beauty, extending its sense of aesthetic nature, so we may begin the transformation process. The resulting natural high gives pleasure and meaning to our lives. As co-creators of our reality, beauty a necessary ingredient which gives rise to the senses, altering our state of mind.

Rose Vase

As we reflect upon divine beauty, balance and harmony can be ours. Beauty spreads light, fills the soul and heart with energy. Keep filling the chalice until it flows freely, everlasting flow. In knowing beauty, you shall know truth. Knowing truth will allow you to know yourself, your purpose and finding your commitment to give to the universe in order to spread beauty.

Beauty is a mirror which will reflect back your inner most essence. Feel the forms lines shapes, and realize the peaceful stillness that surrounds all that is beautiful. Value results from that outward expression of inner truth. If you want your life to have purpose … to feel the substance of form and purpose, then be beauty and that is what you shall have. By fuelling the flames of that fire created by beauty, the desire, transforms us to a higher level of consciousness. Nurture beauty, for it is the very thread of our culture.

Much beauty has arisen from the deepest darkest wells of desperation and the ugliness of disharmony. No shadows can exist without light. We must embrace all of life in order to ascend. Choose beauty, spread beauty, be beautiful by loving even your least favourite parts, seeing that they too have value. Re-birthing your spirit allows you to recognize the beauty in yourself and others. That which has been transformed holds integrity, adding a welcome texture to the fabric of life. Weave into that the threads of peace, love, and wisdom. Nourish hope. Have faith you will be supported on your journey. Be beauty, be love, be truth and find grace in humankind.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is a symbolic as well as actual beauty in the migration of the birds, the ebb and flow of the tides, the folded bud ready for the spring. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature-the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after the winter. The lasting pleasures of contact with the natural world…are available to anyone who will place himself under the influence of earth, sea and sky and their amazing life.”
~Rachel Carson

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9 Responses to “Beauty”

  1. titus2woman Says:

    I thought this was beautiful! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. I don’t agree with John Keats. Why are truth and beauty equivalent? I think they are they different things. How in knowing beauty, one shall know know truth. Truth can be ugly.

  3. Tomas Says:

    The Beauty is the truth… That’s right.
    I have read the comments and would like to answer.
    While saying ‘truth can be ugly’ you are absolutely right IN CASE you identify the truth with our fights for crowning our own understanding of what is what and how everything should look. That’s not the divine Beauty that comforts and heals and leads us forward.
    The beauty is the beautiful – that’s what happens at a moment we discover ourselves in the eyes of the other.

  4. Tomas Says:

    As we reflect upon divine beauty, balance and harmony can be ours. … Wow, I would like to rewrite the whole post: your words are so refreshing while my comments are full with grammar mistakes. I am weak in English, but my illiteracy didn’t miss to grasp the truth of the beauty.
    Plus what a wonderful flower! The photo just sparkles with the blinding purity of the light – wow and wow and wow – THANK YOU

  5. Tomas Says:

    I have read your article once more and the “wow!” came our of itself again. While reading your post I come into awe, but my wow has the new colors now – my emotions changes each time I face the beauty. The beauty remains the same, but the perception of the reality is in constant change that reveals the ugliness not of the nature but of my own heart. Have a look. The Christmas Tree sparkles with lights already for some days, but I sense myself blind because I don’t see the beauty but hear just my own weeping for my impotency to buy the canvas and the paints – for my impotency to draw the pictures that pour out of my heart.
    As we all need daily bread, so the artists needs the art materials-the paintbrush to the artist is like the air to breath for the people. While the air we get for a free, the paintbrush has a cost that is too high to me… I am the disabled and therefore the jobless- I am a man with the needs and dreams but without any penny, without any opportunity to enter into the art shop (what to talk about the need for the medicine) I see just one outcome, – I have dared to address you with the pleading for help. Your donation could help me to enjoy the heavenly lights. Help me please. I am eagerly looking forward for your remittance – Western Union could solve my problems. Help me please.
    My correct mailing address is
    Liepu 25 -31
    Klaipeda 92139

    my name is Tomas, my family name – Karkalas
    I pray for you and thank you for your generosity
    Be well my dear friend and benefactor. God blesses you

  6. blumoon Says:

    Hi Tomas,

    I empathize with your situation. I too am an artist who is often scratching around for materials, not to mention my basic living expenses. If I were in a position to be of assistance, I would certainly love to help. My heart goes out to you, and to all who struggle in the physical realm for the necessities of life.

    Have faith, things you need will come to you. I am sorry I am not at the present time in a position to send something your way. Be strong, concentrate on the spiritual-the rest will fall into place. I am counting on that too. Peace. Namaste.

  7. Zahra Naqvi Says:

    A beautiful and true description of beauty.

    For me beauty is truth
    The truth of Inside
    The truth of head and heart

    You cant say that truth is ugly if its not as per your expectations it has its own legacy that is unobjectionable.

    Well written article
    Well knitted thoughts

  8. blumoon Says:

    Thank you Zahra.

  9. Outstanding website. You have won a brand-new reader. Please maintain the good posts and I look forward to more of your engrossing writings.

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